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Whole House Audio Video Ideas

Traditional speakers, in wall speakers, ceiling speakers and outside speakers make your home come to life! Whole House Audio Distribution Systems are becoming a standard feature in most upscale homes.

You can enjoy music without dedicating your valuable time to sitting in fromt of a nice pair of speakers. Life is better with background music! It creates a more pleasant environment. Even housework is less of a chore when there is music playing. Ask anyone who has a whole house audio system!

This hidden sound system can consist of a single speaker selector that splits a single source into several pairs of speakers. For a larger, more diverse household, there are multi source systems with keypads that can play different sources simultaneously in different locations. Whole house music systems can be scaled for a single room or dozens of areas.

Whole House Audio Video SystemsSYSTEM OPTIONS INCLUDE

  • Wall mounted keypads (for volume and source control)
  • In-wall Speakers
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Hand-held remote controls
  • Speaker Selectors
  • Multi-channel amplifiers
  • Hidden components
  • iPod Integration
  • Security Cameras

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