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Halo by Parasound Home Theater Amps and Preamps

JC1 Halo by Parasound and Parasound Amps and Preamps

Audition Halo by Parasound and Parasound New Classic
in our Raleigh Showroom.  
We have several ISF Calibrated
systems on display.

Popular Models

  • halo A21
  • halo a23
  • halo a51
  • halo a52
  • halo jc1
  • halo jc2
  • halo p3
  • halo p7
  • halo t3
  • and more… please call for more information
Halo by Parasound logo amps preampsWe are Authorized
Parasound Speakers Dealers.
Visit the Parasound website.
Parasound Amps and Preamps are reference quality at a competitive price point.  Their products out-perform everything remotely close in price and are extremely well built. The only Parasound we have ever sent back since becoming a dealer in 2001 was a piece that was damaged in freight.

Their Z Series is great for accessory applications – compact, yet full-featured.  The New Classic products are great looking, tried and true designs (by John Curl) that have become a staple in our high powered THX Theaters.  The Parasound Halo line adds balanced XLR connections, additional chassis and component shielding and more refined aesthetics.

Halo by Parasound JC3

Visit our Showroom and Audition
Halo by Parasound and Parasound Classic for yourself!

The S.M.A.R.T. Process
Our proprietary S.M.A.R.T. process will determine which
Parasound Electronic piece is the right choice for you and your application.

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