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Automation and Control Systems

Remote Control Services

Automation controls many different types of systems in your home.  By design, they make many complicated sub-systems act and operate like a single unit.  It’s like a univeral remote for everything in your house.  Behind the scenes, control systems keep all of the components playing their parts.  In-wall keypads and handheld wireless remotes are all you see and use. A properly programmed, well-matched control solution will transform a closet full of equipment into simple, integrated technology that is easy to use and enjoy!



  • Home Theater
  • Whole House Audio
  • Lighting
  • Alarms and Access
  • Security Cameras
  • HVAC

  • Hand Held Remotes
  • iPad & Tablet PCs
  • Smart Phones
  • Local PCs
  • In wall Keypads
  • Occupation Sensors
  • Remote PCs over Internet

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